First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Holding Onto Light by Lucien Grey.
Two strangers running from their dark pasts find redemption in each other.
»»————- Holding Onto Light ————-««

The warm, gentle press of lips stopped Kit’s words, stopped his breath, his heart. The gentleness shouldn’t have been unexpected, after all the tenderness Harry had shown him. He’d known men with boyish faces who once roused rutted like mad dogs. Yet this man, with all his strength and wild appearance, was shaking when Kit kissed him back. Kit probed gently with his tongue. Harry obligingly opened his mouth, accepting and greeting it with the press of his own.

It was a wonderful surprise when Harry surged forward, quickly taking command of Kit’s mouth, urging him to follow the same pace. His hands gripped Kit close. Experiencing only a hint of his strength had Kit shuddering, his cock swelling and growing heavy in his trousers.

Harry smelled glorious. His day of hard labor had covered his skin in a delightful heavy musk, the definition of masculinity. Kit wanted to taste it, to lick every inch of him clean. If he indulged in such urges, how would Harry react? What sounds would he make? But he wasn’t finished with Harry’s mouth yet.

There was a desperate, clumsy edge to Harry’s kiss, his teeth bumping against Kit’s or nipping at Kit’s tongue. It felt like kissing a novice. Harry had been a soldier, a man of medicine, but his kiss was so unsure. Granted, Kit found him all the more endearing, and after so long deprived of a man’s desire, felt like an inadequate teacher, but damn it if he wasn’t willing to try.