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Six Sentence Sunday — Fang

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it’s an excerpt where Ink offers Cal advice in Fang. Ink is only deep on accident. Fang is free in KU.

“If I may offer a nibble of advice,” the demon said, rising from his chair. He picked up the ice bucket, which he’d been eating out of all night. “No other man, woman or lover in the equation matters, as long as you are in control.”

It sounded like he was trying to be sincere, as if he didn’t want this tenuous relationship to snap apart. But I shook my head, none of it making sense. “In control of what?” I asked.

Ink paused beside the door, his chin cocking to the right. “Yourself,” was his final word before he vanished to raid the ice machine for the third time.