Six Sentence Sunday — Choose Your RH

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

In Anticipation of Halloween, I’m celebrating with my spooky Choose Your Own Harem Adventure that’s FREE TO READ & PLAY on my website.

Curious, you open your eyes to find the werewolf holding the found fang high in the air. Its mouth opens, and a glint of moonlight reveals a gap in his teeth.

Slowly, the hulking, ten-foot-tall beast melts. Its fur vanishes to skin whiter than moonlight. The deadly teeth and elongated nose push back into a face with dangerously pouty lips, shocking green eyes, and a square jawline. A human hand runs back over the thick, untamed black hair left on his head.

In CHOOSE YOUR OWN HAREM, you are trapped in a forgotten manor home and have to navigate its perils in order to find and help a werewolf, ghost, and vampire. You can wind up with one or, if you’re really lucky, all three.