My Halloween is Canceled

Usually, I’d be putting in the finishing touches for my Halloween front yard haunt in anticipation of the big night.

Instead, I’ve stripped down almost everything except for a single sign three days before Halloween. Why? Because an asshole stole my skeleton cat.

This is the last picture I have of my cat before it was stolen. You see the little blue collar on my kitty’s neck? That is even more important to me than the cat they stole.

See, the collar was my dog’s first. She used to be this tiny puppy and now she’s my old lady dog who’s in her twilight years. I wanted to have a piece of her I could remember and hold when the worst happens, but some greedy asshole stole it away without a second thought.

I’m heartbroken, enraged, and cannot handle pretending to accept people who rip off my property and memories that take hours of work and care.

So I ripped everything down and put up a sign to tell everyone why. Will I put up my haunt next year? I still down know. Everything hurts and I can’t trust a soul.

Below is the only walkthrough I have of my haunt, so please check out what I did get up before a monster gutted me.