First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s from my new book Whisper.
This kiss is rather different but perfect for Halloween. Layla’s working with a ghost she can’t touch, but they find a way around that.
»»————- Whisper ————-««

Daniel stared from my face to me shaking my fingers back and forth as if any of that made sense. “You.” He skirted his palm over the outside of my arm, only setting off a tingle that produced goosebumps. Daniel turned in his seat, his eyes sharp in surprise…then more.

He dipped his hand through me and, for a moment, I felt his fingers wrap around mine. As they held me, all control vanished. It was Daniel who guided my arm. I sat still, my breathing shallow while he tested my fingers wrapped around his. “You can feel this?” he asked, dotting the tips of my fingers up my other arm.

A smile rose at the playful dance and I nodded. Daniel reached my shoulder and worried my palm around it. The touch became a massage and I craned my neck to give him more room. My own fingers dug in tighter than I ever managed, eliciting a moan I’d been building up for a week.
Cool words in nothing but a whisper brushed in my ear. “Do you like this?” With only the tip of my index finger, Daniel gently tapped the side of my lip. A tingling followed his touch unlike anything from when I was the only driver. Giving in, a sigh slipped free, my mouth parting. Daniel began to sweep my finger around my lips, then back and forth over the bottom one while he watched me.

A glow burst against the deepening browns of his eyes, Daniel’s focus on the tingle of pleasure causing me to clench my legs. More certain, he added two more of my fingers to the lip massage, tugging on the sensitive skin and letting one fall into my mouth. I reached out with my tongue and licked up my own finger. A moan escaped from Daniel and he started to chase my tongue with my finger.

I added my teeth, scraping against my skin and setting off another gasp of pleasure for both of us. “Layla,” he begged, his gaze drifting down to my sweater. Daniel resumed rubbing my shoulder, my fingers drifting farther down my chest with each clasp of the palm.
The kiss of a ghost wasn’t enough. I wanted more.