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Hotties for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween and what better way to celebrate than by picking a book based upon the sexy costumes the heroes would wear?

Technically, Ink is not a demon, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying the wings, fire eyes, and tiny crimson trunks. The straps are perfect for testing out the limits of your desires.

Cal is still struggling with what it means to be a werewolf, especially after the hell his father put him through. He’s far prouder of his work to become a nurse.

Despite being a little bit on the dead side, Daniel misses his punk days which passed him by thirty years ago. He’d wear this outfit if a ghost could take his clothes off.

Tristan might have been a teenage singer-songwriter heartthrob, but he’s really proud of his Minnesota roots. So Beth could enjoy him in this tight lumberjack costume.

Marty is a helpless romantic who’s been looking everywhere for his one true love. Of course he’ll flock to the cupid costume and hope to catch his lady’s eye.

Conall is the luck-bringing, red-haired, green-eyed, seriously sexy Irishman who may also be a leprechaun.

Namhu and Enki are two mermen on a hunt to save their kingdom from the human’s attack. In order to do this, they both become pirates.

Nolan may be an alien bounty hunter who’s on earth searching for his target, but he’s also devoted to baking pies and would love this chef’s costume.

Scott is the exiled prince for the autumn fairy kingdom. He believed he’s given up his crown for a life as a lumberjack, when the autumn kingdom whisks him back.

In his day life, Tarek is an Egyptian dentist, but by night he’s a secret mummy hunter who seems to have a link to a long-forgotten Ancient Egyptian prince.

Emeric is a lawyer with a father who’s less-than-welcomed during Christmas time. But that doesn’t stop him from embracing his Krampus roots.

Lev is technically a mountain lion shifter, but for some reason no one has sexy cougar costumes for men. No worries, the caring and brooding puma-shifter can make up for it.

Jack’s a bundle of nervous energy when his old crush walks into the floral shop where he works. Then he has to deliver flowers to Tan on Valentine’s Day. Shame he couldn’t do it in this.

Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “Hotties for Halloween”

  1. Woof! Hotties, all! But Cal’s tighty-whiteys don’t look nearly stretched out enough! LOL. Will soon do a review for Ink and Son of Krampus. Loved them both!


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