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Six Sentence Sunday — PSL

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it’s an excerpt from the Autumn Fairy Banquet in PSL.

“You look lovely. I hope you don’t mind my saying.”

“I don’t, as long as you’re willing to cut me out of this should I stop breathing.”

He laughed at that and nodded. “Noted. And if you’d like me to cut it off you even if your breathing is normal, you only need to say.”

My jaw struck the polished birch floor, but before I could take him up on that offer, we emerged into the Court of Fairies.

I was expecting a staid affair with attractive but aloof nobles possessing patrician features nibbling on cucumber sandwiches and whispering behind fans. What I found was a menagerie of fairies, their wings and natural glitters of various colors all in the autumn spectrum. Rather than daintily raise a cup of tea to their lips, they were slugging back tankards the size of their heads. Hands dipped into acorn cups to fill them with a bright colored paste, which they licked off their fingers and the fingers of the fairy next to them.