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Did You Swoon For Ink?

Or Cal, Daniel, or any of my other 2021 Heroes?

I need your help! The Swoon Awards have opened and it would make my millennium if you nominated one of my swoony heroes.

Claw would be perfect for the Paranormal Category. It’d help out my entire Coven of Desire series if the first was nominated for such a great award.

What about Levi & Dean? Do you love the romance you helped make? It’d make a great nomination for the Holiday category.

There is no limit on Nominations, so you can share as many books your loved as you want.

To Enter, Scroll Down the Page until you See This Form:

Then hit NEXT.

Keep Nexting until you come across Paranormal/Urban Fantasy and paste in Claw by Ellen Mint

After a few more menus, you’ll hit Holiday Romance. Enter Tangled in Tinsel by Ellen Mint here.

Thanks so much for nominating my books!
Your help means the world to me.