Six Sentence Sunday — Claw

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

To celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s from my sexy-peeling-potatoes scene out of Claw. Layla arrives at Cal’s doorstep on Thanksgiving and offers to help cook.

With a resigned sigh, I accepted the potato and turned for the sink. I reached for the peeler, an old all-metal one, and began to slice off the skin. Warmth blossomed against my neck, then arms swept around my waist. Transfixed, I stared at the hands cresting against the backs of mine. The veins prodding from the back, so blue below his pale skin. His nails chewed to the nubs with cooking grit under them. Cal slipped his fingers to match with mine and he raised the peeler off the potato.

“What…are you doing?” I asked, my senses flooded with the touch of his chest gliding over my back and his hips pressing against my ass.

A slow laugh puffed against the side of my neck. I strained my head higher, aching for him to put his teeth to the tender skin. But Cal focused only on the potato, leaving me hanging in limbo. “Helping,” he said.