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Six Sentence Sunday — Tangled in Tinsel

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it comes from Tangled in Tinsel where the lumberjack Cowboy Levi watches the antique dealer Dean restore the once lost piece.

Dean had spent the past hour meticulously rubbing his gloved hands up and down the cradle. There’d been thousands of photographs, some with an actual film camera he had on him. For posterity was his explanation, though Levi had suggested he just liked old things. Part of him hoped Dean liked a certain thing in its late thirties, at least.

He coughed again at the dirty thought traipsing about his brain. Most of his past dalliances had been with men like him who were working the scene and trying to fly under the radar. Rough hands, rougher hearts. But watching a man tenderly draw his palm around the wood of a cradle until it glistened like new was doing things to him he couldn’t shake off.