Let’s Talk About Sprinkles

I’m so excited for this!

On Sunday, December 12th, best-selling romance author Sue London and I will go live to talk while decorating cookies. (Note, I am awful at decorating cookies so it will be a technicolor fever dream)

We’re going to interview each other about our books while trying to get into the Christmas mood, but I can assure you, it’s gonna go off the rails and you can watch it all live.

We’re going to be discussing her book Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas:

Gabe Berrington has his hands full as the single father of four young boys and operations officer for a growing toy company. The last thing he needs is another person in his life to make it more complicated. Then again, maybe the magic of Christmas elves is that they make everything easier instead of harder.

Rachel Wurth works at Santa’s Workshop every year because she loves seeing kids enjoying the magic she missed growing up. Since Gabe doesn’t recognize her, she doesn’t want to tell him who she really is. But it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to these four boys and the man she might be falling in love with. 

Dean Hancock does not have time for the gorgeous, red-haired, cowboy lumberjack that nearly shattered his windshield with a Christmas tree. He’s on the hunt for a long-lost cradle carved by the artistic genius Gustav Gilt. After being lost for a hundred years, the antique appears five days before Christmas in the tiny town of Tinsel.

Levi Bruce spends his days waking before dawn, tending his tree farm, going to bed after dark, and starting the cycle all over again. It’s a long, lonely life, but with his dog Harry at his side, he thought it was enough. Then that handsome, charming man from the city had to stroll in and upend everything. The wolves are at the door, a big company threatening to take his family farm out from under him. The last thing Levi needs is distracting dreams of kissing the delectable man under the mistletoe.

Make sure to swing by for some Christmas fun on December 12th.



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