First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Game for Intimacy by Sandra Carmel.
Steamy contemporary romance novella
»»————- Game for Intimacy ————-««

“I had such a fun night. Thank you,” she said, her voice a husky, enticing whisper.

“Me too.”

What was the etiquette here? He wanted to kiss her, but being in a chair meant he couldn’t be subtle. It made it extra hard to suss out if she wanted it too. It looked more and more like he’d have to ask her directly, ask her permission, which totally ruined the spontaneity and excitement of the moment. Or hope she bent down so he could draw her in.

She fumbled in her glittery black evening bag and pulled out her room key card.

The air throbbed thick and heavy with sexual tension, like sitting in a hundred degree Celsius sauna. “I guess it’s goodnight then.” But he so didn’t want it to be.

“Yeah.” She looked disappointed, though maybe it was just him projecting.

“But we’ll see each other again in—”

She swooped down, like a determined bird in flight, and closed her lips over his, stealing his words and short circuiting every thought in his head. The kiss made his blood sizzle, his pulse pound. But before he could delve deeper, she pulled back, still within kissing

“Beth.” Her name on his lips was half plea, half prayer.

Her pupils mega dilated and her eyes glazed with desire. He imagined his looked similar if not even more trance-like. Before his rational, party-pooper brain intervened, he grasped her face,
reconnecting their mouths, and licked across the seam of her lips. She opened them for him, their tongues entwining, exploring, deep and intense. He hadn’t had a lot of experience, but he’d had enough to know this felt right. Beyond right. She had to feel it, too, because no one—no matter how good an actor—could fake that sort of enthusiasm, that sort of attraction. Could they?