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Six Sentence Sunday — Son of Krampus

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today I’m celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas & Krampusnacht with an excerpt from my Christmas Paranormal Romance, Son of Krampus.
Nadire has no idea the handsome stranger is the son of her father’s once friend turned enemy, the Krampus.

“You look like a woman who intends to devour whoever talks to her next,” he said, his striking face stern with certainty.

Nadire couldn’t argue with his assessment even as she tried to dig out the furrow at the top of her brow. “You’re probably right.” She sighed focusing on her beer. Devouring men was easier than talking to them.

“Hm.” The man snorted, no doubt ending the conversation. Nadire’s sight bored into the bubbles climbing up her glass. A blur at the periphery caused her to turn her head. Despite the warnings he made, the stranger leaned his long leg over the top of the stool and sat down beside her.

“But you…” She gasped, the words stolen from her tongue. “You said that…”

He shrugged a single taut shoulder. “What is life without a little risk?”