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First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s from my new MM romance Tangled in Tinsel!
Dear Santa, please leave a red-headed lumberjack under the tree. I’ve been a very good boy.
»»————- Tangled in Tinsel ————-««

“Is that…mistletoe?”

Levi—that sincere, down-home, straight-shooting cowboy gulped. The whole of his adam’s apple lifted to his chin then plummeted. His mouth parted and he whipped his head up to the daring decoration. “Is it?” he sputtered. 

All this time… Dean took a step closer to the man fumbling for an explanation.
“I thought it looked nice. That it’d be nice to…”

“Nice to…?” Dean prompted, his flittering stomach calm and his heart about to burst into dance. Poor Levi couldn’t stop shifting on his heels, his hands opening and closing at random. 

“To decorate with.”

He’d shaken off every near hit from before, certain it was little more than his libido mistaking small-town hospitality. Now, Dean drew his hand up Levi’s arm, taking the time to test the strength of the biceps. The brim of Levi’s hat brushed over his hair and Dean paused.

“Is that really why?”

Levi darted his gaze from the mistletoe to Dean. “No.”

With wings on his feet, Dean leapt for those tender and cautious lips. He screwed his eyes up so tight he could only see stars as Levi’s nervous pout melted to a soft first kiss under the mistletoe. A zing danced through his brain, telling Dean to delve deeper. Levi’s lips parted with an invitation when the dog barked for attention. Of course.

Dean slipped away, his mind buzzing and lips warm while he turned to Harry. It took a moment for Levi to open his eyes, his vision unfocused until he took in Dean. “Seems your dog wants—”

“I don’t care.” Levi swept both palms around Dean’s cheeks and he kissed with a fiery need.