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A Steamy Sweater Party

Layla, Cal, Ink and Daniel are throwing an Ugly Sweater Party and you’re invited! Just for you have an exclusive and very spicy story from my Coven of Desire series as Layla tries to balance her three guys before a Christmas party. There are also ugly sweaters!


“Is that what you’re wearing?”

Cal paused in the threshold of his kitchen and glanced down to the white wolf upon a sea of knitted red. The main star of his sweater had a Santa’s cap in its jaws and a line of Christmas lights circling his head. “What’s wrong with it?” he asked, his lips dour as he patted the wolf.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too on the nose?” I asked, easing about the tiny kitchen with the last cookie sheet. I convinced myself the brown edges were due to the vintage lighting in Cal’s house and not because I was distracted by my werewolf boyfriend. “What if someone at the party figures it out?”

I placed the barely-burnt tray on the counter when hands swept up my waist. He toyed with the little apron knotted there and pulled me back until I balanced on his chest. His warm breath caressed my cheek as he said, “Are you worried about me? Or are you jealous of the awesomeness of my sweater?”

He said it with such certainty I couldn’t laugh, though my eyes began to roll as I started to turn around. But my occasionally-hairy boyfriend tightened his hold on me. “You’re not wearing a sweater…” he said, his breath bouncing up my neck followed by the edge of his teeth. 

“I didn’t want to get it dirty,” I breathed, extending my throat all the better for the big bad wolf to have his way. 

Cal cupped my chin like the vampire lord ready to take his victim. He turned me to face him, his striking blue eyes blinking. “Or you don’t want to be caught in an ugly sweater.”

I spun in his arms and jabbed a finger at his chest. “Are you calling me a coward, Rollin?”

With his hips, he pinned mine back until my ass hit the stove. Cal pulled in a deep breath, straining what should have been a loose sweater. The fake wool stretched over his wide shoulders and pecs as he stared down at me from darkening eyes. “A coward? Never. A cheat, however…”

I scoffed at his insinuation and grabbed his hair. The soft blond piled between my fingers as I pulled him closer and kissed him. He wasted no time playing coy, nipping my bottom lip with his teeth as his hips began to sway. Cal’s hand slammed onto the stove, rattling the cookie tray. When he cupped his wide palm around the apron and pulled me close, I felt why. His cock was already to half-mast and quickly working to full. 

Cal broke from kissing to dig his chin into the knots of my neck. Somehow his fingers found their way to the back of my pants as he grunted, “Please tell me we have time.”

The rest of our class was due in fifteen minutes and I rather doubted they wanted to be greeted by the two of us in just our ugly sweaters. I opened my mouth to break the news to Cal when he sighed. “I suppose I can wait though you make it a challenge.”

I patted his cheek and pulled him to me for a kiss that promised to save everything for later.

“Happy Saturnalia! I’ve brought the chains.”…

Ink raised a twelve-foot long chain and smirked while rattling it. “Mutt, you seem the type who’d enjoy filling in for Kronos. Hunch over so I may truss you up properly.”

With a sigh, Cal dropped me and stepped back, his eyes narrowing at the incubus who I just realized was in a red sweater instead of his usual shirt. As Ink dropped his arms, I shrieked.

“You can’t wear that!”

“Why ever not?” He stared down his chest which boasted a reindeer threesome in white yarn on the field of scandalous crimson. “Are deer not associated with the Yule?”

“Yes, but orgies aren’t.”

“Since when?” The incubus sounded flabbergasted. “Why, I would not reach the epiphany without sharing the bed of at least ten lords.”

“That had to be hard with all the leaping,” Cal cut in with a snicker. He reached behind and snatched up a cookie. Before I could take it back, he crammed the unfrosted sugar cookie into his mouth and smiled wide.

“It was less leaping more capering with bells on,” Ink said while staring overlong at Cal. Seemed the joke went straight over his head, but he rebounded fast by leaning over to whisper in my ear. “Would you like to guess where the bells were tied?”

I threw my hands up, not having time for Ink’s trip down debauchery lane. Cal reached for another cookie and this time I was quick to smack his hand away. “Those are for the party. Unless you want to bake another dozen. And we don’t do orgies for Christmas, Ink. Not anymore.”

“Truly? What has become of humanity? You’ve abandoned all that made this season magical and…” Ink placed his thumb to his lip and slowly drew it down as he stared at me. “Delicious.”

I tried to fight against the shudder, but my incubus saw and knew all like a horny Santa Claus. He caught my struggle and smirked while I fought to remove the apron. It was Cal who approached Ink to ask, “What’s with the chains?”

“No, please don’t…”

“Why, in my day we would choose the strongest of men in the village, tie his naked, oiled body up in chains, and offer him carnal delights until he shattered his bonds. Then the real fun began.”

“There are no chains at an ugly sweater party,” I declared, yanking the set out of Ink’s hands. He let them go but kept a watchful gaze on Cal.

“Your wolf seems intrigued. Or he’s attempting to smuggle a yule log down his trousers.”

Cal twisted at the insinuation and dropped a hand in front of his crotch. But his eyes blazed from the damn image Ink concocted into the world. It rattled around in my libido as well, but I did not have time to deal with this. “Look, we’ll…deal with it all later,” I acquiesced, wadding up the chains until they sounded like a Christmas spirit come to warn us of our wicked ways, and tossed them into the pantry. “What are you even doing here?”

“It’s a party. Would be a waste of tiny crackers without an incubus in attendance.”

I glanced to Cal who had a concerned look, but also crossed his arms as if it was all on me to corral the demon. “There are a lot of people coming over. Nursing students.”

“Do not worry so, my bond.” Ink swept his arm around mine and he pulled me closer. “I promise, I shall only play doctor with you.” He traced his knuckles against my cheek, tipping my head back. Ink kissed me gently, his lips tasting of cinnamon and gingerbread. I strained for another bite when Ink leaned back to whisper in my ear, “Are you certain we do not need the chain?”

They were all testing me tonight. I clenched my toes, fighting to tell him yes while the rest of me wanted to give in to his debauchery.

“So the demon gets to go to the party, but I don’t?”…

Daniel stood partially through the door, the small kitchen all the tinier with so many men in it. The level of hurt staining his cheeks surprised me and I stepped away from Ink.

“I didn’t mean to… Well, the problem is—”

“You are without the proper attire,” Ink interrupted. He waved a hand down Daniel’s punk outfit, the denim jacket and black t-shirt never coming off no matter how hard he tried.

Daniel crossed his arms. “As if that’s my fault.”

“You were the one to fail to dodge a bullet.”

“And just what is your greatest weakness, demon?” Daniel surged closer, the two looking about to come to blows if it was possible. “Sage? Rosemary? I’ve been reading—”

“Mother Hubbard’s Sunday dinner cookbooks?” Ink asked before he sighed and swatted his hand through Daniel’s face. The ghost jerked back even though Ink couldn’t hurt him.

“Can we lay off the bickering for one night? It is the day before the day before Christmas.” I looked to Ink—who hefted one shoulder in potential agreement, then to the hurt ghost.

Daniel bowed his head and dangled his hands before himself. “You’re right. I shouldn’t…it’s only. This is my first Christmas in thirty years where I can speak with someone. Be with someone so wonderful.” He held his palm out and glanced it to my cheek. It stung colder than Jack Frost’s touch, but I leaned closer and smiled at him.

“Oh, my heart, it does ache so for the weeping lost soul!” Ink cried with dramatic emphasis and he clutched his chest. As we all turned to his theatrics, he held up a finger. “Luckily, I have procured the perfect solution to your problem.”

From behind his back, he lifted a single sheet of paper with something printed on it. 

“What’s that good for?” Cal asked.

“For the ghost to don his gay apparel,” Ink said extending the paper.

“You’re the only in this house who’d wear a piece of paper and nothing more.”

Ink blinked a moment at Cal. “As if you do not enjoy the wind rustling against your chimney and hung stockings. Here, ghost, my gift to you.”

Daniel stared at the paper with caution, his hand hanging out as if he feared it’d bite. But as he looked at me, he took the paper and held it up to his chest. “Well…?”

I watched his careful smile grow with excitement before I looked down to see what Ink had chosen. “Ink…” I groaned at the twin eight-bite pixel ghostbusters wrapping a spirit in their proton streams.

Daniel dipped his head down, then turned the paper upside down before a fiery rage overtook him. “Do you think this is funny?”

“Perhaps a chortle. A minor guffaw.”

“How do you even know about Ghostbusters?” I asked him.

Cal raised a sheepish hand. “Er…”

“We have enjoyed many such thespian classics together upon the settee when you are otherwise entertained at your choice of employment.” Ink slapped a hand around Cal’s shoulders and tugged him close. 

“It’s just a way to keep him from annoying the shit out of me,” Cal confessed.

“Uh-huh, what else do you two do on your boys’ nights?” I prodded. The two of them hanging out was kinda cute.

“Oh, not much.” Cal ran his palm through his hair and his eyes drifted away. “Movies. Beer.”

“Deciding who would be taking you behind the couch and spreading your thighs that eve.”

My throat constricted and cheeks burned hot as I whipped from the smirking incubus to my bobbing werewolf. “You, you two are hard to live with.”

Cal’s wandering eyes dropped straight to me. He circled my waist and yanked me off my feet as he growled, “Only when around you.”

I wanted to melt into his arms, my toes barely touching the ground, but I caught the clock—five minutes until showtime. “That’ll have to wait,” I said, getting my feet under me. I eased my way to the door, keeping an eye on the three of them.

“For which of us?” Ink asked. “Or are we attempting a proper Saturnalia foursome?” He looked to Daniel and tipped his head. “A saturnalia threesome plus cuckold?”

“Fuck you,” Daniel growled.

“That is the point of contention, yes.”

“You guys figure it out,” I called, laying the apron on the stand. “I’ve got to get changed.”

All three looked at each other. It was Daniel who asked, “Into what?”

I heard the bell ring as I hit the staircase. “Cal?” I called to the only responsible adult in the house. 

“On it!” he responded from somewhere deep in the kitchen. No doubt a few more cookies had vanished off the tray.

As I reached the bottom step not just Cal, but Ink and Daniel rounded the staircase and stopped. Instead of rushing to greet his guests, Cal openly gawked at me in my chosen attire for the night. Ink reached over, placed two fingers under his jaw, and slammed it closed.

Daniel, still clinging to the ghostbuster sweater image, cocked his head and sighed. “You’re not following the rules.”

“What?” I stared down at the sweater covered in pentagrams and runes that proclaimed me to be a ‘Bad Witch.’

He took a step closer, his deep eyes taking on a burgundy hue from the Christmas lights above. Brushing his cool lips to the side of my cheek, he whispered, “It’s not supposed to be a beautiful sweater. Or perhaps it is the enchanting woman inside that’s ruining it.”

A startled laugh slipped from my lips and I leaned ever nearer to the ethereal ghost.

“Knock knock!” The front door blew open and a half dozen of our classmates stomped inside. At the head was Dana, who’d used masking tape to make a middle finger on her sweatshirt. She glanced to me, then Cal and Ink, before lifting a huge bag high. “I brought the wine!”

Laughter and cheers broke out as our chilled friends rushed inside. Cal offered to take their coats while I greeted Dana and Fariah. “Hope we didn’t interrupt anything,” Dana said to me. “And if we did, I hope you took pictures.”

“Haha.” I forced a laugh while glancing at Cal who wasn’t burning pink across his snowy cheeks. He winked then smiled. 

“Don’t know why you let Tattoo in here,” Dana said, jerking her thumb to the partying incubus.

Ink lifted a cherry out of a drink from god knew where and placed it to his lips. Instead of doing a trick by tying the stem into a knot, he drew his tongue across the firm flesh until the pit popped right out. The pit-less cherry dangling from his fingers looked just like… Oh, Ink. I shook my head and smiled to myself.

Dana planted a bottle of sparkling wine in her gut and, worrying her thumbs, popped off the cork. Before it could hit the wall, Ink caught it with his fist. 

“Merry Christmas, everyone!” I shouted to a chorus of replies.

“Layls?” Dana asked as she tried to catch the runoff before it hit the floor. “Why is there a picture of a Ghostbuster’s sweater on the wall?”

Three hours, five bottles, too many cookies, and a bucket of frosting later the last of the guests were out the door. My head buzzed with a hundred bubbles as I lay on the couch waving a hand to whoever Cal was helping down the porch. Warm hands massaged up my calves and swept down my heels. I leaned my head back on the armrest in ecstasy.

“Such simple touches cause such transcendental delights,” Ink mused while cupping his palm around my calf. He pulsed his fingertips into the muscle, unknotting more of the stress in my legs.

A shadow passed before me and I moved to sit up to give Cal room, but he bent over my face. His champagne and sugar cookie lips pressed to mine upside down. I dug my hands into his hair, pulling him lower. He swirled his tongue across mine and sucked my bottom lip between his before giving a little bite. 

Ink’s massage skipped from innocent boyfriend to triple x as he slipped his palms between my thighs and caressed his thumbs straight up the middle of my paper-thin leggings. Every glide of his thumb spread more heat around my core. I tried to keep steady while kissing Cal, having to cling to his hair with both hands.

“You’re shaking. Is it a quiver in anticipation of Father Christmas?”

“That what you’re calling it now?” Cal asked.

Ink released his torture and held onto my hips. He didn’t pin me down but laid his palms so they perfectly followed the swoop of them. “There have been many a moniker put to my tawdry affair over the centuries, but few matter now. What does my lovely bond wish to call my bûche de noël?”

“Uh…? Oh!” 

Ink reached under my leggings and palmed my ass obliterating my ability to think. His nails pinched into my skin, setting off more tiny squeals. I yelped against Cal’s lips. He moaned in response with such guttural need I reached between his legs to find his cock was as hard as an alpine mountain. 

“Layla, that feels…fuck,” Cal groaned. He jerked his hips before bending lower to kiss me harder than before. I strained to find his jeans button when warm hands slipped straight down my sweater. They couldn’t reach far, my bra trapping his fingers, but he wasn’t giving up.

“Allow me,” Ink said and suddenly my bra hooks came undone. Cal slipped forward, his wide palms nearly claiming both breasts. Ink drew his fingertips down my back, tracing the naked skin below the sweater. He inched closer on the couch, spreading my legs wider while Cal caressed then tweaked my nipples. 

Slipping a hand under my head, Ink lifted me away from Cal’s lips. I stared into the tumbling fires in Ink’s eyes as he held me in place, then he reached down, took his cock in his hand, and pressed the tip to my vagina. Even with the leggings and panties in the way—the pounding heat mixed with my rising wetness sent me reeling.

“What festive name shall this be called, my bond?” Ink tugged on the waistband of my leggings, revealing a hint of bush, but no more. He swayed his hips, knocking his cock back and forth to further doom me. I clenched my fingers around Cal’s jeans, pulling his hips and the hidden cock closer to my face. He nearly fell straight onto my chest but managed to catch himself.

“Layla…” he groaned, fighting the urge to thrust while I kept toying with the bulge before me.

“I fear that would only cause confusion,” Ink kept taunting. He managed to tug my leggings fully off my ass while keeping the front covered. The buttons of the couch pressing against the top of my crack were doing in me in.

Putting all my mental energy into my hands, I managed to take the zipper’s tag between my fingers and pull. Cal’s cock rolled out and I caught it with the tip of my nose. It rested there, the crown red as Rudolph’s nose, his skin hot as coals. Slowly, I drew my tongue out and tipped my head back. My nose slipped down his cock, tracing the vein, and I laid the flat of my tongue out.

Cal groaned harder, clenching tight to my sweater. I tried to sweep back up to the crown with my tongue, but Ink had me flat on my back.

“Tell me, my bond…”

I took Cal’s cock in my hand and pulled it down to meet my lips. He was a mouthful and a half, but I puckered up and sucked him in. Fingers threaded between my nipples, pinching with the perfect pressure. I gasped around Cal’s cock, causing him to shake.

“What shall we call it?” Ink pressed. He left one hand to toy with my breast while with the other, he pulled down the last of my leggings and reached for my clit.

“Figgy pudding.” The moment was broken as we all turned to Daniel who’d been left to watch silently for both the party and the after-party. “You should call your dick figgy pudding.”

Ink smiled wide. “Because no one will leave until they get some. An astute observation.”

The response wasn’t what Daniel wanted. He scoffed and tossed his head, looking about to vanish back to the library. Ink bent over me to place the tip of his teeth above my nipple and the sweater. I arched my back, anticipating and fearing the bite, when he said, “Spirit, reveal the silver package below the tree.”


“There is a package in silver wrapping below the tree, gather it. Or are you incapable of hefting a simple box?”

“It’s not that,” Daniel huffed, though I’d never seen him lift anything other than books. He bent close to the tree, the hazy blue around his body sharpening to a solid line. Slowly, the small silver present raised into the air. “What should I do with it?”

“Typically one opens a gift,” Ink said.

With care, Daniel tugged away the silver wrapping paper and popped apart the single line of scotch tape across the box. His handsome face scrunched in confusion and he tipped his head before reaching inside. Ghostly fingers couldn’t clench around whatever was hiding in the box, Daniel sighing laboriously as he kept trying.

“My bond, if you’d be so kind…” Ink traced the tips of his fingers down my arm until he took hold of my hand and dropped it into the box. I clenched around a long cylinder with a jelly give encircling a steel core.

“It’s a…” I picked the gift up and stared in shock.

“Massive dildo,” Daniel sighed. “Why should I have expected anything else?”

“Why’s it green?” Cal asked from behind. He bent over the couch to knock a single finger to the tip, watching the bright green cock bounce back and forth.

“It comes from a supposedly grinchy fellow,” Ink said causing us all to groan. “It best matched the countenance of the ghost.”

Daniel closed his eyes and looked to be whispering a prayer for strength when he glanced down to me clutching around the giant green toy and his ‘grinchy countenance’ took on a primal hunger. Smiling, he slipped his hand through my arm. The chill of his touch invigorated my skin until he took control of my fingers and palm.

Chuckling, Ink tugged my leggings fully free. I reached behind to grab Cal’s bare ass with the only hand I controlled. His cock hung above me like a Zeppelin. I strained for it while Ink swept his cheeks up my inner thighs. The brush of his hot skin set off a chase of goosebumps. He wrapped his arms under my thighs, spreading his hands across my ass and digging his thumbs into the crease. With a wild smile, he caught my eyes, then dove tongue first to my clit.

I cried out in pleasure and leaned my head back, drawing my tongue around Cal’s crown. He shivered from my lick and I cinched my hand around the base, guiding him deeper in. Happy to use the gift, Daniel used my hand to slide the grinch dildo under the wild sucking of my incubus. He brushed the bulbous end of the green toy from my taint up through my soaked vulva. There he teased it, slipping only the head inside while Ink sucked harder on my clit. 

Groaning in agony, I pumped up Cal’s shaft. His entire crown bloomed in my mouth, tightening the fit until I could only moan around it. I tried to flick my tongue around the edge, causing him to mutter incoherently, but his cock kept slipping out. Ink raised my legs, planting both ankles behind his head as he licked around my vulva lips pushed to the breaking from the dildo. 

“Touch her,” Daniel said. He eased the toy in deeper, then pulled it out fast. After watching my reaction, he whipped his gaze to Cal. “Touch her breasts.”

“R-i-i-ight.” His struggling to think only fueled my fire. I willed my jaw wider and took him deeper. “Fuck, Babe,” he cried out even while brushing his hands under my sweater. He clenched tighter than a clothespin to my nipples.

I cried out at the pain and Daniel plunged the dildo up to its base. Ink clamped onto my clit while he pressed both thumbs into my taint. I squirmed in torturous pleasure, my ghost increasing the thrusting speed as he impaled me deeper and deeper. 

Cal’s hand shot out of my sweater and he clamped onto my palm, tightening it around his cock. Together we jerked him off while I sucked across the crown, taking long slow licks up the shaft before pulling as much as I could into my mouth. He groaned harder and suddenly bucked back. I waited to feel a splash of sticky cum strike my lips, but it was his teeth that plunged to my chest.

Right at the top of my breast, he bit hard, near-fangs pinching my flesh. “Holy…!” I shouted, the pain and pleasure lapping over each other in exquisite joy. Ink sucked harder, the tip of his tongue vibrating while Daniel dicked me out faster than I’d ever been.

I moaned, the rise of a crushing orgasm swelling through my loins. Cal leaned closer and placed his cock to my lips just as I came undone around them. My shrieks of pleasure were all sucked around his cock and he cried out. Salty and bitter cum from the sweetest of my boys pooled on my tongue. I swallowed it down and leaned up, fighting for breath as the pleasure shivered through me. A line of twinkling sparks caught from my toes up to my buzzing lips. My vagina clenched hard to the grinch dildo, setting off tiny aftershocks, while Ink kept tenderly lapping around my throbbing clit.

Eventually, Daniel removed the toy, Ink let my legs rest on the couch, and Cal stepped back to clean himself up. But to me I lay in that post-orgasmic haze for hours, my heart pounding while my mind numbed with joy. I don’t know who helped me sit up, but I leaned against Cal’s shoulder—my hand falling to his naked thigh—while Ink draped a hand behind the couch so he could rest beside me. 

All three of us in nothing but our ugly sweaters fought for a calm breath while flames flickered in the fireplace. Daniel looked to the green dildo tossed to the bottom of the box. “I suppose I should give you my gratitude.”

“Please,” Ink scoffed, “it’s the mind-bending orgasm that counts. You’re welcome for the assist.” The two stared at each other but seemed to let bygones be bygones for the moment.

“All I know is,” Cal said, brushing back his hair, “I’d like to do that again.”

“Next time, you can put your nose in her box,” Ink said. “And see what you’re getting for Christmas.”

Cal chuckled as he pulled me closer. Brushing back my hair, he whispered in my ear, “You should know, I never wait until Christmas to open my gifts.”

Holding Cal’s hand, I draped my leg over Ink’s and brushed a finger down Daniel’s wrist. All three of them looked to me, an exhaustive and joyful calm filling the air. “Merry Christmas to all,” I said.

Ink smirked. “And to all a good fuck.”


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  1. PHew! Just what I needed on this snowy New Year’s Day! Thanks for fulfilling my longing for a 4-way with Layla and her boys! Very satisfying! BTW, I never think of Christmas sweaters as ugly–I love them all! But I’d love yours all the more for having such hot men in them!


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