First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s It’s Christmastime Once More by Cassie O’Brien & Raven McAllan.
Four Romantic Christmas Stories – Regency, Victorian & Contemporary
»»——It’s Christmastime Once More ——-««

“Of all the idiotic…” Aran hauled Etta into his arms. “Is the thought of marrying me so bad you’d prefer to throw yourself over a cliff?” he demanded. “If so, I promise never to mention it again.” That idea was enough to send chills down his spine. More and more he knew Etta was the one for him. The thought of life without her paying a major part in it was anathema to him.

Was that love?

Surely it has to be? I cannot imagine my life without her by my side. She is my reason for living. He swayed.

“Aran? Are you all right?”

Aran stared down into her wan face and smiled. “I should be saying that to you. Oh, Etta, can’t you see? I’m but a mere man with no way of expressing myself well. No fancy words, no way of showing you just how important you are to me.”

She lifted her hand and touched his cheek. “Am I? Really?”

“Really,” he confirmed and kissed her. At first a soft touching of lips, then with increasing passion, before he slid his hands around her and held her close. “I once said I have no idea what love is. Well, I might not know the fancy words for it, but I know that life without you by my side is not worth living, and so I declare that is love.”