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2021—Don’t Hit Your Butt On The Way Out

2021 is almost gone! Woo!⁠

This was my year of Coven of Desire. I published the first, second, and third books in the series along with two short stories. Layla added a hot werewolf and a ghost to her stable, they met a swearing nymph, fought against a water genie, and she enraged an entire werewolf pack.⁠

⁠More is to come for Layla, Ink, Cal, and Daniel in 2022.⁠

I started the year with a mummy romance. I’ve wanted to do a mummy romance for a while and why not set it around Valentine’s day with Hathor? Love’s Curse includes the hottest Egyptian dentist you’ll ever meet.⁠

I had to cut a steamy scene that anyone can read.

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March brought along the first full book in the Coven of Desire series. Layla thought life was complicated enough with an incubus on her couch and a spell book in her purse. Then she found out the hot classmate she’d been lusting after is a werewolf who escaped from a cult.

In May, Coven of Desire continued this time from Cal’s POV. A road trip in early January with Cal, Layla, and Ink in the backseat. What could go wrong? I originally hadn’t planned to write this book, but after the events of Claw, I realized I broke Cal too much and I needed to give him a book to help.

Book three in Coven of Desire came in October. Layla’s trying to enjoy a spring break when she stumbles upon a library ghost who needs her help. Daniel joins the growing coven as they run afoul of a terrifying genie.

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I finished with Tangled in Tinsel, the gay Hallmark Christmas romance you helped me make. Levi & Dean are so adorable it hurts. I’ve been wanting to write more MM romance since Special Delivery and another is coming in 2022. ⁠

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2021 was my year of short stories

Retail Hell and Snow Print were two stories you could read for free if you preordered my Coven of Desire books. I also wrote two short stories for a group. Anarchy is a dystopian enemies to lovers with a Robin Hood hero. Submit is a cowboy PNR.

I ended 2021 with two Christmas short stories. One was an adorable epilogue to Tangled in Tinsel thanks to my friend’s ugly sweater cookies. The other is a steamy Ugly Sweater party with the Coven of Desire Crew.

Stay tuned to see what’s coming in 2022!⁠