First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Forgotten Storm by A.R. Vagnetti.
»»————- Forgotten Storm (Storm Series Book 1) ————-««

It’s a bumpy road to becoming
queen of the vampires

The thick lashes drop, and he presses that sexy mouth against mine. The blistering heat from the kiss sears my lips as his tongue separates them, diving inside. He tastes dark and dangerous. My insides clench, the grip on my wrists tightens, holding me with ease against his rock-hard body as he devours me. I kiss him back, loving his possessiveness, his dominance and control over my body. Logan’s aware I want him, and takes complete advantage of the fact.


My skin ignites with tiny flares as his other hand slides along my neck, burying itself in my hair. Taking a handful of my tresses, he yanks my head back, allowing him better access to my mouth. Fuck. I’ve been kissed before. Logan doesn’t just kiss, he consumes. His talented tongue slides past my lips and he explores my mouth as if every crevice is his and his alone. No one’s ever kissed me like this before. It shouts possession. Demands submission.