You Need These Men

They’re back!

The first six hot men of 2022 are here for you to download and use to your heart’s content for FREE. Let me help you steam up your phone!

Mr. January is trapped outside in a snowstorm. Quick, let him in and download him for your phone.

Mr. February’s traded in his wings for a back tattoo. Want this cupid on your phone? Download him for free.

Mr. March is enjoying a naughty shower under a jungle waterfall. Download him for free and try to not drool.

It’s spring cleaning time and Mr. April is ready to get down and dirty. Want to scrub your phone? Download him for free.

Who’s ready for summer fields and cowboy boots? Mr. May wants to take you to his farm. Download him for free!

Celebrate Pride month and beach weather with Mr. June. He’s decked out in rainbows and a sweet summer glow. Download him for free.

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