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First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s PLAYING TO WIN by Amalia Theresa.
»»————- PLAYING TO WIN ————-««

Best friends & roomies, Kate & Sully,
have been looking for love
everywhere—except in each other.

My laugh was strangled, half a sob beneath it. “We’ve never kissed goodbye.”

“No better time to start.”

My resistance melted away, and he felt it. The tension breaking and my face lifting, closing that last millimeter between us. He started soft and slow, just pressing his lips to mine. Like he meant to take his time—or he didn’t want to scare me. But my lips parted without any coaxing, and he didn’t hold back. Nipping my lower lip, sliding his tongue into my mouth and groaning.

Heat flooded through me, my hands fists in his shirt, and all my fears, all my racing thoughts evaporated beneath his kiss. All I knew was his mouth, his lips and his tongue, and warmth. So much warmth, pooling in my stomach, and even lower still.

My body yearned for his, wanted to wrap itself around him, even as my heart stalled—because all I wanted, all I ever needed was this.

Sully softened the kiss, withdrawing slowly, and I tried to hide my reluctance, my longing as he stepped back, leaving me cold and bereft and so, so lonely. When I opened my eyes, coming back to myself as a single body, a body that missed his like a severed limb, he handed me my bags.