First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Prophecy of the Water Sprite by K. Rose
»»————- Prophecy of the Water Sprite ————-««

Fantasy fairytale Reverse Harem Standalone romance

“I don’t know how, or why, but I am here to take care of you, Skyy. I have this innate need to protect you, to look after your well-being—and maybe more.” I say that last bit with a cocksure smirk and a raised brow, seeking a reaction from her.

Looking up from her gathered items, she takes only one step in my direction before she stills. Now looking me directly in the eyes, I feel like she can see through me into my very soul. Seeking what; I am not entirely sure of, but I stay locked in her gaze. Hoping that she finds what she’s looking for. That she sees how much she means to me already.

Until she breaks it by letting one solitary tear slip down her cheek. I can see the sadness in her eyes now. The red rims and slight puffiness that only comes from crying.

I reach my hand toward her cautiously. She doesn’t flinch away or try to stop me. Using the pad of my thumb, I manage to wipe that solitary tear away before it hits the curve of her jawline.

Which is where I rest the larger part of my hand and caress softly toward her ear and neck, moving the stray strands of hair that aren’t tied up into her braid. The one that holds most of her hair back and off her shoulders.

I take another step toward her. Surely she can feel the heat of my body invading her senses. I am close enough now that I can smell her lavender and rose scent, loving the way it is climbing its way into my nostrils. I have to take a deep breath now to savor it. Fearing I wouldn’t be able to again, nearly soon enough to soothe the need for more.

She blushes again.
“Oh, beautiful girl…you are so precious.”
She turns her chin downward, and I take my other hand and gently lift her chin up to look me in the eye once more. I focus my vision between her beautiful blue eyes, which are nearly the color of the summer sky just before dusk. Then I take in her pouty, full lips. The perfect shade of dusty pink.

I move without thinking once more, getting close enough to begin closing my eyes to kiss her. Before I can, though, I hear her gasp.

Leaning away but not stepping back, I can see the surprise in her eyes. Was I too forward? Too presumptuous that I could just simply kiss my beauty? Having only just met, I may be moving things a bit too quickly.

Something between us catches my vision, just barely.

Looking down where I caught a glimmer of light, her necklace shimmers and starts to glow. The lowest jewel on its abdomen glows a brighter green color than the first spring grasses. Then it leaves the jewelry around her neck and becomes alive.

In a small plume of silver glitter and golden light, something small, and green emerges. Fluttering in uneven circles, it seems to be trying to find a direction.

Between us now, I can tell there is a small green butterfly floating its way back and forth lazily in small circles.

I still haven’t removed my hand from her hairline at her neck.

“What is happening?” I question, but still don’t move. Stunned. Complacent. Intrigued.

Following the fluttering little bug between our bodies, I watch as the small, green butterfly lands on the inside of my right wrist. At first, I don’t feel much, just the little legs of the insect making contact with my skin. Which is barely recognizable as a tickling touch to begin with.

Then it moves slightly and morphs. A feeling warms first the outside of my skin, then spreads inwards to the bone. A soft glow is now emitting from my wrist, where the bug landed.

I look to my wrist to see what caused the warming sensation, to find I have a mark there now, not an insect. I have a small green butterfly tattoo, sitting directly in the center of my wrist with a single branch showcasing four small leaves on it.

Looking back to Skyy’s eyes, I question her once again. “Please tell me you know what just happened?”

I feel a strong pull inside me as the words leave my lips. I know this feeling. Though I never expected it to ever happen to me. I heard stories of it in the old kingdom.

She’s my mate. A fated mate, blessed by the gods themselves.

I can see the confusion in her gaze as she looks into my eyes once more. “It matches your eye color perfectly,” she mumbles the words. “The tattoo, the mark on your wrist,” she says with more power behind her voice this time. “I-I…I don’t really know exactly what just happened. I am sorry, Vale. I know we only just met, and I am not very good at…” She looks to her feet again to avoid what I might say, or what emotion that she might see in my face.

Lifting her chin once again with my other hand, this time I won’t hesitate.

I move in and place the faintest kiss on her full lips. Lighter than the legs of the butterfly that just landed on my arm only moments before. Pulling back now, she has a blush spreading all the way to the neckline of her dress, and I am sure she’s dumbfounded by my closeness. Perhaps even my forwardness.“It’s okay, my little Butterfly. We will figure this out together. I am yours now. Forever.”