First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Delicious Heat by Sadira Stone.
»»——— Delicious Heat: Bangers Tavern Romance 3 ——-««

Cupid has lousy timing!

Diego gently gripped her elbows and pulled her closer. “Christmas is all about tradition, right?”

For a thrilling, breathless moment, he hovered there, his softly parted lips an inch from hers. Impossible to wrench her eyes from that luscious mouth, so tempting, so close. His breath fanned across her skin. Her heart hammered.

And then he pressed a tender kiss to her forehead. “Merry Christmas, Anna.”

Not enough. Throwing caution to the tater-tot scented wind, she rose on her toes and brushed her lips against his.

Just the barest touch, soft and warm, just the tiniest moan rumbled from the broad, firm chest beneath her palm. And yet, that simple gesture lifted the lid from her tightly clamped control, letting in fresh air and sunshine and a rush of delicious possibility. Heady stuff.

She took a deep breath and stepped back. “Gotta go help Charlie. Merry Christmas, Diego.”

Grinning and flushed, he wobbled in place. “I’ll call you.”

“Please do.”

“Break room’s that way.”


Like teenagers reluctant to hang up the phone, they inched toward their respective destinations, holding eye contact as long as possible.

“Thanks for coming to see me.”

“Thanks for the tots.”

“I hope you have a great Christmas.”

“You too.”

Finally, Shelby’s arm shot through the swinging doors and yanked Diego into the kitchen. “Get your ass back to work, lover boy.”

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