First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Stranded in Love by Victoria Grant.
»»——— Stranded in Love ——-««

They’re stuck in the snow…
can they survive without killing
each other…or falling in love?

“Come dance with me,” he said softly. He took her hand, as his mesmerizing energy propelled her down the kitchen steps and into a dream world. Spellbound, she felt his skillful arms take control, one sliding firmly around her lower back, the other gently clasping her hand. They began to sway to the music and Laney felt his body stir and seductively caress hers as they moved effortlessly around the room, his tempting scent swirling around her. Laney closed her eyes filling her senses with this wondrous moment.

The song ended and she opened her eyes to find Tyler staring at her. He bent slightly and lowered his lips to hers.

Laney waited for her offended sense of decency to come storming through and push him away, but instead, her arms found their way around his neck, fully savouring the sensation of his strong body pressed against hers. Unlike his first kiss, which was rough and raw, this one was warm and soft. His tongue tenderly probed her mouth sending a provocative invitation to all her senses. Her knees nearly buckled as she answered his invitation. Tyler sensed her hunger, caressing her tenderly in his arms. She moaned softly and felt him shudder slightly as he moved his body closer to hers in a fascinating rhythm.

Another song began, and in one fluid motion Tyler straightened, gently pressed her head to his chest, and they continued their dance. A luscious warmth seeped into Laney’s body which made melting into his arms effortless and natural. She could hear his racing heartbeat through the thin shirt, and felt the heat radiating from his body as a glorious sense of serenity enveloped her.