Witch Kitty Keychain

Eee! I can’t wait to share these with you. I’ve been wanting to create the keychain that Cal gives to Layla in Snow Print for so long and it’s finally here.

Here’s the scene from Snow Print:

Once my fingers wrapped around the small box, I said, “I got you something for Christmas.”

“Cal. No. Come on, we agreed. Foot massages and takeout. Christmas is a pain enough in retail, no reason to stress more.” Even as she protested she stared up at the little box wrapped in shiny purple paper.

I dropped to my haunches and held the gift out. “We can still do all that. I just…I saw it and thought of you.”

Like reaching for a cobra, Layla slowly held her hand out. Just before she touched the box, she asked, “It’s not jewelry, is it?”

“No.” I looked anew at the little square box and my entire body burned red. “No, there’s no diamond. Nothing like that.”

“Okay, good.” Carefully, Layla slit open the tape while I fumbled to my ass to watch.
“Do you…like jewelry?”

“The fact you’re even asking that is proof we’re not at the jewelry stage.” She tossed aside the ripped paper and plucked up the box’s top. It took her a second to push aside the tissue paper when Layla’s face broke into a huge grin. She quickly yanked the little black kitten in a purple witch’s hat and collar from the box and dangled the keychain loop from her finger.

“Maybe it’s a little too corny, but you like purple and I thought—”

“I love it,” she interrupted and pulled me to her for a kiss. 

Layla’s keychain plays a big part in the next Coven of Desire book, Badge and going forward in the series.

Do you think the witch kitty keychain is cute? Would you want one of your own?

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