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The Wings Are Gonna Fly

Good news, everyone!

The fifth Coven of Desire book, Wings, is coming on October 2022!

Layla’s life is hell. She could really use an angel.

I can’t tell you much about Wings yet as it will spoil the next book Badge, but I will say the harem is getting the big, squishy marshmallow!

As for Badge, I’ve finished the first round of edits on the book and wanted to share a couple quotes with you.

“You don’t want to stumble across a unicorn unarmed,” Stone whispered. “Unless, of course, you’re a virgin?”

I snorted and choked on his question. If I were a virgin, Ink would have blue balls the size of Uranus.

Layla, Badge

She dressed like a woman who wanted to pretend to be a peasant, but not suffer the boils and arthritic hands. They called the style ‘Bohemian’, which confused me. My experience in Bohemia was fewer long skirts and linen blouses, more vampires and murderous old women in forests.

Ink, Badge

Have one longer excerpt where the three guys are trying to save Layla and can’t stop bickering:

“Yes. I am here, and we should enter their lair with finesse. We do not want to endanger our… did we ever decide on a term?”


“I refuse to let that word slip from my lips, even in the event I am tasked with holding an infant.”

Side by side, we entered the mouth of our enemy’s stronghold. I feared I was sliding down the gullet of a Leviathan, teeth about to collapse around me. The wolf looked startled as well, his eyes hooded as he tugged on a chain around his neck.

“Dearest one.” The ghost popped in from the side, his face barely visible in the dark shadows. “That’s what she is, after all.”

“No one here is impressed by your penny poet wit, specter.”

“What do you suggest? All of us call her,”—he dropped his voice low and deadened all the emotion—“my bond?”

I scoffed. “Hardly. She is only bound to me, our souls forever locked as one by the chains formed of the other realms. The rest of you mean as much as a chimney sweep in comparison.”

A low growl rippled from the wolf and he glared at me. “I’m sorry,” I said, staring at him. Despite having the countenance and bone structure of a courtly knight, he had the manners of a privy digger. “Who was it that stomped off in a snit leaving her vulnerable?”

“Don’t even…” the wolf threatened, though he was far more bark than bite even in the worst of situations. Which was probably why Layla was abducted.

“A…what do you call yourself? A boyfriend, that mate demarcation of wolves. Would one such as that not devote himself to her safety? To protecting her life no matter what? Yet you ran off, tail between your legs, to lick a wound you caused.”

“Are you fucking serious?” he gasped, glaring at me, then the ghost.

To my surprise, and slight horror, Daniel shrugged. “He has a point. Though it pains me to say.”

“Not as deeply as it does me to hear it. I’m rethinking my entire life.”

“It was what, a week where she didn’t tell you? A week where she nearly died like thirty times. Where were you then? Why are you always not around?”

His blue eyes turned gray as ice storms as he glared past us, claws tensing for the kill. “Where was I…?” Calvin repeated, his voice adrift as if he too could not understand his failures. “Where were you?! You’re ‘bonded to her’ as you keep bragging.”

“It’s not a brag if it’s a simple fact.”

“Well, Mr. If You Die, I Die, how did you let this happen?”

Ink, Badge

Badge is coming June 21st!

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  1. In June? As in a mere 4 months from now? Then another one after that! Swoon! I can’t wait! Until then I’ll have to satisfy myself by rereading the previous books.


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