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Mistletoe Latte is Done!

For nearly two months I’ve been working on this book, with nearly week breaks as my immune system decided to be a butt.

But it’s finally done! It’s a Grump and Sunshine Christmas novel set in a cafe.

After losing her dream job and apartment, Emma’s car breaks down in the small town of Lake Holly. She walks into the Brew 4 U coffee shop while waiting for the mechanic, and straight into the grumpy owner who tosses a customer out asking for a mistletoe latte.

Nick Iverson’s struggled with running his cafe and raising his fourteen-year-old niece single-handedly. When people begin asking for an old menu item that rips open Nick’s old wounds, he’s about to lose it. Lucky for him, an angel is in his cafe that day.

Emma’s happy to help out in the cafe and Nick’s happy to give her room and board. It’s a perfect setup until the woman planning on leaving, and the man with a closed-off heart start catching the feels.

This Grump/Sunshine novel will be part of the Wanted: Mistletoe Boxset this Christmas.