Six Sentence Sunday — Cutie Pi

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it’s from my Sci-Fi romance, Cutie Pi! Bounty hunter aliens, space battles, shape-shifting & pie! In this excerpt, Nolan has taken Trini to his ship and she gets scanned.

Before I could ask Nolan, the scanner answered, “Species Detected, Chipmunk.”

“What? Chipmunk?”

Nolan laughed. “It’s a cheap knock off. Only good for helping to narrow down to planet of origin. To be fair, you do have quite a lot of DNA shared with a chipmunk.”

“I am not a chipmunk!” I thundered as if this was a vital fight to win.

His gaze licked down my fuming body and swerved around my hips he’d held onto during zap up here. “No,” he shook his head slowly, the tip of his tongue gracing his lips, “you are not.”