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Happy Pi-Day!

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For this year’s Pi-Day, I’m pleased to unveil a book trailer for Pi-Day.

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The pink light continued past us, scanning the last quarter of the ship. I moved to stand up, but Nolan kept a tight grip to my body. “Don’t move. Not yet.”

Dumbly, I nodded and enveloped my hands around his straining shoulders. I should be panicking, and partly was with death in the air. But as I pressed my cheek above his sternum, losing myself in the assuring single heartbeat, I felt safe.

“Scan complete,” the evil, murder bot announced from outside the ship. This was it. Did our trick work? Would we have to fight off a battalion of alien commandos? 

“Only one earth creature detected.”

Thank you, Lord!

“Yes!” Nolan cried. Those hands that’d held me close and pinned me to him to fool the scanner didn’t fall off. His palms locked tight to my back and Nolan effortlessly lifted me into the air.

“Ah,” I gasped, fearing a fall even while knowing I was in good hands. Still, I wrapped my arms around his neck and clung to him while he twirled me in a circle. My feet flew outward, my skirt fluttering in the man-made wind. After walking that dividing line between death and life, I wanted to sing.

“You are so…” Nolan said, letting me come to a stop even as he kept me suspended in the air. His giddy smile faded to a small, heartfelt one while those endless stars burned in mine.

Lips soft and sweet as whipped cream found mine. In an instant, heat pulsed through me, Nolan’s gentle kiss zapping down my spine. I felt myself floating to the floor when a palm cupped my jaw. The thumb swept along my cheek, seeming to try to raise my lips into a smile even as I lost myself in his kiss.

As my toes bounded on the safety floor, Nolan pulled back. “I can’t…” he said, touching his lips glistening from my kiss. His brow furrowed and, with his thumb, he swept across my lips and slightly parted my mouth. “I can’t pretend any longer,” Nolan declared.

Like a spec of matter at the event horizon of a black hole, I was drawn forward at the same moment Nolan reached for me. He tousled through my hair, shaking away the knots from running through the forest. Rolling my long curls in his fist, he tugged until my head tipped back.

Plunging to me, our tongues met in his mouth as Nolan swept me into his arms. Palms kneaded across my ass, lifting my skirt and guiding my legs around his waist. A surprising sweetness rumbled under the masculine musk nibbling on my lips. I ached for more, to have him bite and lick his way down my body. 

I scraped my nails down his back, crisscrossing over the muscles flexing to hold me. Nolan threw his head back and groaned from the bottom of his chest. The noise froze me, uncertain if that was right, when he surged forward and lifted me into the air.

My ass landed on a hard glass surface, but I hardly noticed as Nolan’s fingers swept across my collar. One tugged the strap of my dress down my upper arm. His other hand…

“God!” I cried and slammed my palm down to steady myself.

“Lowering landing gear,” the computer announced.

The hand that’d been cupped around my breast grabbed my wrist to lift it off the console. “Sorry—” I began to mumble, but Nolan silenced me with a kiss while he pressed a bunch of buttons.

“Retracting landing gear.”

Walking his fingers down my neck, step by step, he traced the curve in a slow slide until landing in the hollow. Nolan drew the length of his nose across my cheekbone, his lips peppering me in kisses until he found his way to the thin skin of my throat. 

Where before it saw trauma and pain, now a touch of his lips softer than a whisper glanced over the tender skin. “This is…” he said, pausing to kiss me deeper.

A moan slipped from me, my body starting to squirm as I flexed my thighs at the thought of him tugging them apart. Nolan’s kisses drifted ever downward until his teeth locked around my bra strap. Playfully, he pulled it to the side, the same as with my dress.