First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Faking it with the Bachelor by Tracy Brody.
»»——— Faking it with the Bachelor ——-««

Sweet romantic comedy about the lead on a reality dating show falling for the show’s date planner.

“Come on, Cecilia,” Mitchell interrupted the moment—as if she could forget the camera crew was there. Always there. “You gotta make it look real. We need kissing footage.”

Had they ever had to encourage contestants to kiss in the past decade of Say Yes to the Rose? Probably not. Viewers expected to see a connection, a spark, to explain why Nate kept her here this long.

“Guess we have no choice.” Nate closed in.

There was also no one around to interrupt this time. In their swimsuits, with water droplets glistening on their skin in the sun, it’d be great footage. It’s not like she hadn’t imagined kissing him for weeks now. She’d also been on the set enough in her earlier jobs to know how to stage the perfect on-screen kiss. How to angle her head. When to close her eyes. Keep her lips ever so slightly parted.

And it was the perfect kiss. Too damn perfect. His lips touched hers in tender perfection, over and over. His fingers stroked her cheek, scorching a trail down to her neck. He tasted like pineapple from their lunch when his tongue teased her lips, then retreated too darn quickly. Her relieved murmur formed on its own when his lips parted, and his tongue dipped in with a touch before his mouth closed over hers.

Her blood heated her body more than the tropical sun. She could kiss him like this until she burst into flames.