First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Rattling Chains by T. Strange.
»»——— Rattling Chains ——-««

Harlan, psychic medium, suspects there’s a serial killer on the loose—but no one believes him.

“You probably think I’m a freak. A complete basket case.”

“I think you’re…”

Harlan winced and felt a rough, warm hand cup his cheek.


“I’m pretty sure that’s the polite way of saying ‘a complete basket case’. It’s okay,” he added. “I’d probably think so, too.”

Charles leaned closer, close enough that Harlan could feel his breath on his cheek. He shivered, forearms prickling as goosebumps rose.

“I kinda like complicated.” He gently turned Harlan’s head, eyes clearly asking a question.

Harlan didn’t know what it was, but he wanted the answer to be yes. He nodded, closed his eyes to escape the burning intensity of Charles’ gaze.

He felt lips brush his own, just for a heart-stopping instant.

The kiss ended and Charles pulled away. Harlan’s eyes snapped open. Charles had retreated, blushing.