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Six Sentence Sunday — Hog Wild

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it’s from my MM shifter novella, Hog Wild. Michael’s just escaped from a pack of bullies where he’s rescued by a puma-shifter who tends to his wounds.

“I will help,” Lev whispered, and — with no force — glided Michael further along the giant tub.

Before his brain could process what was happening, Lev slipped into the back of the bath directly behind him. The new addition sent water sloshing onto the floor, soaking into Michael’s muddy clothes, but his focus was elsewhere. The legs, sleek and muscular gliding up beside his, trapping his thighs together. The chest snuggling around his back so the soft hair fanned out in the water to gently tickle him. And, the hard, impossible to miss cock, nestling at the top of his ass.