First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Win Place Show by Liz Crowe.
»»——— Win Place Show ——-««

A funny sort of romance full of dressing up, mint juleps, and a huge winning bet at the big race.

Unable to stop himself, he touched her shoulder, letting his fingertip trail along its length to her nape. She shivered. He tugged her back gently as he scooted forward so his torso was next to hers. He turned her face toward him. “I want to talk.”

“I don’t.” She covered his mouth with her lips so fast he couldn’t protest and somehow managed to maneuver herself around and shove the table back so she was straddling his lap, her hands on his shoulders, her breasts pressed against his chest. She broke the kiss and stared into his eyes. “No talking, Nate, remember? That’s not part of the deal.”

Her lips hovered over his. He hesitated, willing himself not to do this, not to give in to the raw need roaring up from his gut that set him on fire from his head to this toes, not to mention hardening his cock so fast it made him shudder.

“Kiss me like you’re happy to see me, or I might get my feelings hurt.”

He slid his hands down her back, stopping just shy of grabbing her ass, and did what she told him to do. Her lips were soft as he parted them with his tongue. He slid into that happiest of places, making out with the woman he’d loved for so many years he lost count. His brain kept yammering at him to stop, to talk, to make this more than merely skin-on-skin, lips locked, hands in hair, their breath more ragged with every passing second.
But he didn’t. It felt too good.
“Take me home,” she whispered, biting his earlobe, her hand cupping the back of his neck, her hips rocking against him in a way that made him almost insane with lust.