First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

»»————- ♡ ————-««
Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Crunching her Numbers by Mia Sivan.
»»——— Crunching her Numbers ——-««

She has to choose between two men and keep her career.

He caught her lovely mouth, the mouth that he’d been fantasizing about for months on end. She tasted like honey, sweet and rich. He made a small, needy noise, and maybe she made one too. Her hands held his face in place, bossy, so Kelly-like, and she angled her head just a bit and demanded his surrender, which he gave so willingly. Then he asked her for a little bit more, diving in a little bit deeper, darting his tongue, asking for her capitulation. Which, incredibly, she gave.

Slava moaned pitifully. He wished so badly, for so long, for her lips, and now he had it and he wished he hadn’t. They were like a black hole, these lips, swallowing light and reason. He stopped thinking, he couldn’t tell how it had happened, but he was hoisting her with his arms, laying her on the sofa, and kissing her some more—on her neck, her shoulders, then coming back again and again to her addictive lips. His leg gathered her to him, his hand cradled her head, drawing her closer, nestling her in his arms, the long earrings tangling in her hair. He pulled up for air.

“Slava. Slava.”

He was lying on top of her, feeling her softness and her warmth, and didn’t want to move.


“We need to stop—we’ll end up in bed.”

“Okay. Good place to end up in.” The fog in his brain cleared.