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First Five-Star Review!

Fangscreen won’t be coming out until July, but its first review is here and it’s five stars!

I love reading a book where there is one surprise after another and we have to figure out what on earth is going on with the characters. Fangscreen, by Ellen Mint is one of those books. Creating a parody of old-school vampire lore where vampires exist as creatures who turn into bats and sleep in coffins, the author has penned a really sweet, warm-and-fuzzy story of rom-com love… with cell phones and chat cams.

Ms. Mint gives us bits and pieces of the plot as we read from one chapter to the next. A romance is slowly building between the two main protagonists, but who are they really? Why is one so self-loathing and the other has the naiveté of a child? The author builds the characters in such a way that our hearts go out to them as they seek what we all want, to be loved. There is some great snark, some non-gratuitous sexy time, some angst, some intense moments of drama, and a very satisfying amount of warm fuzziness with an HEA. This is a delightful story that deserves its own series but I am content with just this one.

Bob Jackson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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