First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s UNCOVERED by Noja Lina.
»»——— UNCOVERED ——-««

Jake confronts his “stalker” and ends up falling for him as they deal with their issues.

After Thomas left the room, the blood in Jake’s veins started boiling and nothing could cool off the heat that spread through his body and went to his head. He followed Thomas into the kitchen, turned him a bit after he had just closed the fridge door, slammed him into it, grabbed his face and kissed him. Thomas dropped the bottle of soda from the surprise. It shattered against the floor tiles and the soda fizzed as it formed a small puddle.

Jake kissed Thomas like he had been starving for it. He pressed and sucked on Thomas’ lips until he gained access into his mouth. He let their tongues tangle while he wrapped his arms tightly around Thomas’ head, locking him in that close proximity. Kissing Thomas and taking in his hot breath was like drinking honey mixed with lava, igniting Jake’s insides and filling him with insatiable thirst for physical contact. He pressed his whole body against Thomas and took his lower lip between his teeth. Thomas finally placed his hands on Jake’s naked back before they slowly slid toward the floor. Thomas pulled Jake closer, seemingly trying to cover as much skin as possible.

Finally. Finally, Jake had found the guts to initiate something like this, to show and act out on this burning desire. Finally, he could touch Thomas to his heart’s content. He was too lost in the kiss and the heat emanating from every point of contact between them to properly process anything. At that moment, all Jake could hear in his mind and in all the pores of his skin was the repeated command of ‘Touch Thomas. Touch Thomas more.’