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Six Sentence Sunday — Son of Krampus

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Happy Easter!

I don’t have a sexy Easter Bunny romance…yet, so here’s an excerpt from Son of Krampus where St. Nick mentions the Bunny while discussing who’s suing him.

“Who would sue you? The Easter Bunny?”

“He hasn’t been able to hold a pen in over a thousand years,” her father laughed, causing Mr. Weir to join in. But there was a crackle in the lawyer’s guffaw as if he wasn’t certain how much of that could be true. After all, Santa Claus kept the man on retainer.

“Father.” Nadire tried to raise up higher above him as if she could ever cow the man. “Who is—?”

Her father — grumbling to himself — said, “He’s the Krampus.”

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