First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s Blood Winter by S. J. Coles.
»»——— Blood Winter ——-««

Red hot M/M Vampire Romance set in Scotland in the depths of winter

I leaned over him. He could have pushed me away but didn’t. I hesitated, my mouth an inch from his. The dream tried to return, the smell and taste of clotting blood heavy in the back of my throat. It battled at the wall of my thumping desire but couldn’t break through.

I leaned in and captured his mouth. He tasted like campfires and pinot noir, like the heady smell of heather in the foothills when warmed by the early autumn sun, like the whiskies from the islands, heavy with peat and history. He wasn’t responsive, but he didn’t resist. He let me taste and explore. He allowed his head to be tilted back and opened his mouth so I could deepen the contact. The feel, taste and smell of him blazed through my skin and bones. The sharpness of his teeth was like the bite of winter wind through a heady late-summer day. I pressed myself against the couch, desperate for friction, feeling my body pulse and tremble on the edge of release.