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Six Sentence Sunday — Madeline’s Park

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today I share an excerpt from my upcoming new book, Madeline’s Park. Everett’s walked back into Madeline’s life and, on their date, he takes some time to snuggle with her newest rescue kitten.

When the scratching wasn’t enough, Everett brushed Sparky up against his cheek. The kitten realized how much fun stubble could be and rubbed his glittery purple muzzle all over Ev’s face. Before this moment was lost, Madeline fished out her phone and recorded a tiny black kitten smearing cereal dust all over a hot fireman.

After finishing his good scratching, Sparky paused, his still blue eyes staring deep into Everett’s. With a quick lean forward, Ev booped the kitten on the nose with his own. And Madeline got it all on video.