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Another One In The Bag!

Woo hoo! Everyone celebrate with me for finishing the sixth Coven of Desire book.

We celebrate by sitting quietly and plotting the next book. I’m wild, I swear.

Scales takes the entire coven to the beach! Okay, a little resort by the lake, but there is a beach, a romantic boat ride, and making s’mores by the bonfire. Also rumors of a lake monster and the potential of more danger lurking around every corner. But it’s still a vacation which is just what the witch ordered.


Ink joins Layla, Cal, Daniel, and the rest at the beach in the only proper way an incubus can:

“I think I’m gonna lie here and soak up the sun.”

“There’s also a huge bottle of sunscreen in the cooler.”

Instead of Layla accepting it, Calvin dove for the offer. “Really? What SPF? Thirty.”

“Your pasty ass needs like a hundred or more.” Layla gently prodded at him as he squirted the least erotic white goo into his hands and splattered it over his skin.

Calvin leaned closer and whispered, “You’d be sad if this pasty ass went lobster red.” Without a care, Layla leaned back to stare at said backside and she bit her lip.

“Instead of this…” I stared down the wolf who’d turned whiter than a sheet from his slather then caught Layla’s hands. “…concoction, why don’t I drench your body in botanical oils?”

“Oils? Sounds like a good way to burn,” the pale one said. He added even more of the goop to his hands and slapped it across his legs. Was he trying to out white the ghost?

Ignoring his cry for attention, I glided Layla into my hands. She wore the suit more beautifully than any mannequin or model could. The knot on her hip cried for a hand to pluck at it, to pull it taut and reveal her curve before plunging a bite to the bare flesh. The top fit her even better, her cleavage more tempting than the oasis at the bottom of the abyss. I brushed aside her hair with my chin and placed my palm to her warm back. She leaned closer into me.

“Jasmine infused oils from the baths of the richest nobles massaged across your arms, legs, over and under your breasts, then your buttocks, and…we go from there.”

Her breathing slowed as she pictured what I offered. Abandon this ten penny beach for a proper relaxation under my maestro hands. There were a multitude of ways to work off stress after all.

“Ink.” She opened her eyes and stared at me, then down. “Are you going to wear that the whole time?”

Critiquing my wardrobe was not the reaction I’d hoped for, unless it was questioning how well it looked in the sand. “I hadn’t considered,” I said, feeling eyes falling upon me. They were dressed like dockworkers on a break in tattered linens and distressed denim. I was the only one with enough pride to remain in a sturdy crimson shirt and black trousers.

Alas, the outfit that drew all eyes to me also caused me to poke out at this beach. I reached for a button when Layla beat me to it. My eyebrow raised in surprise, surprising me. How did I not anticipate her wanting me shirtless?

She’d moved to the second by the time I’d formed my thoughts. “If you wished me naked you only need ask.”

Layla’s unbuttoning froze, her fingers shaking. “Are you naked under there?” Was she battling with wanting to see while also concerned for the rest of the beach trying to pounce on her incubus?

I guided her fingers lower, placing them to the buttons on my pants. “There is but one way to find out,” I said while shrugging off my shirt. The sun parted through the clouds, a ray striking my naked chest. Even though I was nothing more than a sin, I basked in the flush of heat. Layla paused in her unbuttoning to look to my flesh.

“It’s gotten darker,” she said, brushing her hand over the latest tattoo. They appeared at her whims, my appearance forever shaping itself to her needs. I stared down at the heart of chains to find she was right. What had once been faded to near invisibility was almost black. Well, it could all vanish tomorrow.

Her trembling fingers pinched the zipper pull. She tugged it down a half-inch, then stared me dead in the eye. “There’s something under there? Right?”

“Do you trust me?”

Layla bit her lip harder to keep her thoughts to herself, but she also undid the zipper. My trousers fell and she gasped.

“Thank god.”

I’d had enough sense to slip on the crimson trunks I’d picked up along with her bikini top. Calvin glanced over and held up a thumb. “Nice. They’re kinda short though.”

I glared at his extravagantly long trunks that cut past his knee. “Not all of us wish to look like petulant toddlers.”

“Boys.” Layla placed a hand to both our chests as if we were about to come to blows. “Happy day, please?”

“Believe me, Babe, if Ink didn’t make fun of my clothing I’d be worried something was wrong.”

“And if the mutt ever dressed like an adult I would fall straight to hell from shock.”

Her hand slipped off of Cal, though she kept a wary eye on him. “I’m glad you’re getting on, I think?” She didn’t release me but leaned closer, “And thank you for wearing something decent.”

I snickered at her tender plea and pulled her closer. With my voice barely above a breath, I whispered in her ear, “Perhaps you should look closer.” Layla reared back and blinked, then she bent lower to inspect the spread of my thigh where an outline of a couple in soft red were copulating in the downward wolf position. Another beside it and upside down was of simple dual oral enjoyment. All across my trunks were bodies enjoying the best parts of having them.


I caught her chin, her eyes blazing at me for being so bold. “Would you have it any other way?” I asked, and kissed her.

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