Six Sentence Sunday — Rash & Rationality

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it’s from Rash & Rationality. Marty’s rushed to the apartment of his good friend and co-worker Brandy early in the morning. She’s just had her first date years after her husband died and he’s worried about her. No other reason at all. Only concern. Yep.

He was just keeping an eye on her, and feeling miffed that she hadn’t come to him first. He might be short, but he could swing a tire iron with the best of ’em.

Feeling two feet tall, Marty stared at the offering he’d brought. He’d thought the muffins might be necessary to help smooth over any tears, but the longer she stayed behind her locked door, the more he suspected it was him who needed it. First night on the dating scene and she already had some guy in her bed. Points for efficiency and all.