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Six Sentence Sunday — Madeline’s Park

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today it’s from my new book Madeline’s Park! Maddy’s been in love with Everett since he rescued her at the beach when she was 9. He shows up in her city and asks her over for dinner. Things get even better from there.

He rose off his seat. A loud, metallic clank echoed from the toolbox tipping over, but Everett didn’t pause. His hand cupped to Madeline’s cheek, and her heart stopped dead.

This isn’t real. It’s not happening. It’s a dream, and you’re going to wake up in three…

That ring-less finger twirled around her curls, tickling them against her neck.


Everett’s perfect pout pursed, Madeline’s brain circling in alliteration to try to find sense in this. When the tip of his long nose glanced against her round one, she slipped her eyes closed.