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First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

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Every Friday I share the first kiss from a book. This week it’s from my new romance Madeline’s Park.
»»——— Madeline’s Park ——-««

Her Heart’s Looking For A
Forever Home

Madeline tried to say it, but her voice lodged in her throat and refused to come out. The chances of her speaking coherently while under his emerald gaze were nonexistent. Ev scooted closer, gliding his thigh along hers and scooping his hand around her cheek. Twirling her fallen curl in his fingers, he asked, “Maddy? What do you want?”

She lost her mind. There was no other explanation for her, Madeline Prix, tipping her face to Everett Berry and kissing him. It wasn’t like she didn’t have experience, fumbling not-worth-bragging-about experience, but in that moment she became a teenager again. Lips pursed, she brushed her mouth over his. Barely more than a glance, but a tingle reverberated through her at the dry kiss. Gulping, she leaned back as her brain lit up with what she had done.

“Oh God,” Madeline gasped, wiggling further back into the couch. She slapped a hand to her rebellious lips as if afraid they might leap free to assault him a second time. “I am…I’m so sorry.”

Everett chuckled while brushing his thumb over his bottom lip. Let me die here. Strike me dead with a heart attack, or have the couch eat me. Anything to end this awkwardness.

“Well.” Ev twisted on the couch to stare deeper at Madeline. One fist pounded into the cushions for leverage as he leaned closer. Madeline had nowhere to go, her heart leaping about like a cricket on mowing day.

The thumb that’d brushed his lips clean swiped over hers, smearing the lipstick she put on. A smile tugged on his mouth, and he whispered, “Let’s try it again.” Everett Berry plunged his lips to hers.