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The Madeline Park reviews are coming in!

A feel good romcom guaranteed to banish those blues or to simply enjoy on a free afternoon or as an all nighter after work.

— lakshmijanakarajan

This story of mutual pinning on their childhood crush was absolutely delightful. Madeline and Everett were so perfect for each other, I love seeing two gentle and kind souls being in love, hiding it and not finding the right time to fully explore their feelings, but still be good to each other. I loved how two kind people made their way to each other.

The sub-plot story about cat rescuing and building a rescue center was perfect, and I really enjoyed seeing them collaborate together. This third book in the series was a modern Mansfield Park reimagination and it such a breath of fresh air to see this “black sheep” of Austen’s novels see the light of day. Mansfield Park is my second favourite after Pride and Prejudice and it’s so often dismissed. I really love Ellen Mint’s adaptation. I also really loved Madeline’s friend Beth, she was a great supporting character and an amazing friend, I loved seeing them together and Beth sticking up for Madeline.


Grab your copy and see what happens in this story about second chances, rescuing kittens, and sexy firemen.

— Penny

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