First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

This week’s first kiss is from Must Love Cats by Angela Addams.

Four fiercely protective shifters, a curse, and one woman who can save them all.

His eyes sparkled, he parted his lips, the smell of mint wafted toward her and his dimple deepened. That damn thing was going to permanently derail her brain from now on.

He leaned in more, draped his arms around her then brought her closer so she could wrap her hands over his shoulders. Her pussy was nestled hard against his waist, wedged in so pleasantly.

“Mmm-m.” Is this too forward? Maybe. But years ago, when she had been younger and before all the bad stuff had happened, she’d been carefree like this. She’d enjoyed Beltane with a stranger—a near-stranger. Reuben was her protector, and everything about that rang true.

His lips on hers were soft, gentle and electrifying, all at the same time.
The fire crackled behind them, the room suddenly so warm that sweat began beading between her breasts. His kiss started a fire deep in her belly too, stoking the ache she’d been denying for months now—the longing, lusting and lonely pain. Gosh, she’d been so very alone.

“You taste like nectar,” he said as he pulled away. “Sweet, just as I imagined.”