First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

This week’s first kiss comes from A Little In Love With Death by Anna M. Taylor

A ghost gives Sankofa and Winston a second chance at love

The fire in her eyes cooled. Her lips parted, stilled. He prayed he didn’t imagine the yes he discerned in her gaze. He pulled his chair next to hers, drew her mouth to his. The kiss started softly, slowly. They rose as one. He cupped the back of her head. She wrapped her arms around his waist. He moved against her so they met where she curved in and he curved out. Yes vibrated against their lips, along their tongues.

He breathed her in, drew comfort from the remembered hint of lemon scent she’d always dabbed behind her ears, nourishment from the taste of the spicy tea in her mouth, joy from the familiar feel of her breast beneath his palm.

“Oh God.” He broke off the kiss, pressed his forehead against hers. “My life has been on pause these ten years. Waiting, scheming, praying for this moment.”

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