First Kiss Friday

First Kiss Friday

Today’s first kiss comes from 760 Miles by AE Lister

A western historical, age-gap, MM romance.

He blushed and laughed again. “Well, my goodness, you are romantic, ain’t you?”

I tried to look insulted because I knew he was making fun of me. “You ain’t got any idea how romantic I can be, boy,” I said softly, his face going all soft and blurry in my vision.

“Hell,” he said, opening his mouth as we gazed at each other. “Golly. I’d sure like to.”
I licked my lips, my mouth suddenly dry. “That right?”


I put my cup down and grabbed his wrist, pulling him close and praying to God nobody was anywhere near. I figured we were hid pretty good, and the horses would alert us if anyone came by. And I couldn’t resist him anymore.

He fell against me with a grunt, and I took his chin with my other hand, guiding his mouth to mine.

We kissed with an intensity that came from being on the run from God knows what, and only having each other to rely on and trust in the whole world, and from the chemistry we’d already skimmed the surface of and could hardly resist no more.