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Six Sentence Sunday — Badge

Every Sunday I share Six Sentences from one of my books or current WIP

Today’s excerpt is from the newest book in Coven of Desire, Badge. Layla’s been captured by the Witch Hunter Detective Stone when all hell breaks loose. He rushes to protect her from a monster attack.

Arms enveloped my waist, yanking me off my feet. The rush of acid blew right past me, the stench drenching my nose and momentarily smothering me. I struggled to breathe and looked up into the panting face of my captor and savior. He’d pushed me against the wall, his forearms acting like a cage against my hips. To escape, he’d nearly fallen on top of me, the lapels of his suit glancing against my breasts. If I breathed too deeply, I brushed my nipples against his chest, which was harder than his name.