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The Werewolf Boys

If you aren’t a member of my reader group, (you should totally stop by. Say hi. Have a nice cup of whatever Ink last prepared) you might have missed over the weekend that I decided to get the Sims: Werewolves pack…then proceeded to lose 48 hours in the blink of an eye.

I’ve had a Coven of Desire house for a few years. Here’s Layla and Cal in his werewolf form.

And just because, here’s Ink staring at her longingly when she’s not looking.

But what I really wanted to share was that I decided to make Cal, Mark, and Eli as teenage werewolves.

Here they are taking selfies after a snowball fight.

Now, much like vampires, with every level the werewolves get both perks and limitations.

Mark’s limitation is that he has to mark his territory and hates being on other werewolves’ territories which…yeah that’s him to a T.

Cal’s first one is that he feels shame for being a werewolf, especially if he accidentally does any damage while in wolf form.

But Eli’s. God, Eli’s almost killed me. He suffers greatly if he feels physically threatened or stressed. Just…way to gut me Sims.

The weird part about this, I don’t pick their limitations. The game does.

Badge arrives tomorrow! Cal is back, along with Ink and Daniel.