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Badge is Here!

Enjoy excerpts and reviews from Badge!

The fourth full Coven of Desire book, Badge includes Ink’s POV and the witch hunters.

“Each book in the Coven of Desire Series just keeps getting better and better. if you have not begun reading the Coven of Desire series by Ellen Mint you are missing out. Cal’s obsessive brooding, Ink is just EVERYTHING, and lastly Daniel the ghost is a sweetheart with a heart of gold even if he doesn’t have a body. Layla is the luckiest, unluckiest girl in the world to have a Werewolf, Incubus and a Ghost as boyfriends.”


“You only need say the word, and I will whisk you away for a fortnight of ravenous savagery beneath a canopy of stars.” My demon swept from out of nowhere and clasped my shoulder.

His strong scent of brimstone and amber replaced the eucalyptus burning in my sinuses and I breathed deep. Thanks to Ink, I couldn’t walk past open grills without getting wet. He must have sensed the thought as he swept a hand below my chin and plucked my head higher. Exhausted, I stared into his whiskey eyes.

Gently, he stroked across my chin while saying, “We can suckle wine and honey from each other’s bodies while a bard delights us with his song.”

“Would a bottle of three-dollar wine and a jar of Nutella while leaving Spotify on count?” I complained even while Ink’s idea spun a web in my brain. Say yes. Let him do what he does. Whisk me away to some deserted island, charm or steal whatever he wants and answer my every desire until I can’t move.

Or was it all part of his ruse?

“I can’t,” I said, my body collapsing in on itself.

This is an awesome paranormal romance in the Coven of Desire series. I liked it a lot! Lots of dangerous adventure, and emotional stuff from the guys.. especially Ink and Cal.


Warm hands cupped my ankle almost innocently. Whoever was touching me winced with his words. “You’re not wearing any socks. The cuffs have reddened your skin.”

“Sorry, I didn’t plan on being kidnapped when I got dressed,” I said before biting my tongue. So much for silently watching them.

He chuckled, and sweet relief broke from my ankle, then the sting of air hit the raw skin the metal had worn down. I gasped at the cold of the van’s stripped bottom striking my bare foot. In the scuffle I’d lost one of my flip-flops, so I clenched my toes around the other.

My heart lurched at the presence of a shadow above me. Those damn feet stood astride my waist and I felt the man lean down. I locked up, my mind running rampant with what he intended to do up there. Meticulous fingers unwound the chains that’d bound my wrists.

As he worked, I felt his breath ruffle across the nape of my neck. “I believe we have a salve that can heal your injury.”

I nearly laughed at the idea of my kidnapper giving a shit. “Or maybe you’ll listen to the safe word next time. It’s… Help!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and tried to crawl forward. A hand pressed to my back, pinning me to the van floor.

“Cute,” was all this Stone said. He pushed harder, digging my bra’s hooks into my skin. I tried to squirm, to do anything to fight him off, when he bent down and whispered in my ear. “Try to conjure any spell and I’ll know before you can form the first syllable.”

He released the pressure and I finally got my throbbing hands under me. I pressed up and whipped my bagged head to glare in the direction of the man still straddling me. “And if I set your ass on fire?”

“River will put a bullet in your brain,” Stone said, like water was wet. He grabbed my shoulder and dragged me out of the van. My foot landed on cold, ridged cement and a heartless wind tugged on the bag. “I’d also be quite put off. These are my favorite boxers.”

I said I was going to read this slow, and I failed. It was impossible not to put it down. The best part is, of course, Ink’s PoV. This is among my favourite books in the series now.


“Excuse me, sir,” he said, not in greeting but demanding attention.

I had no choice but to pause in my quest and face him. “Yes?”

“You’re gonna have to leash your dog,” he continued, refusing to draw close to the ‘dog’ that stared death through him.

“I assure you, my good man.” I draped an arm around Cal’s neck and rubbed my cheek against the fur atop his head. He tightened in my arms, wishing to rip me to pieces, but I held firm and smiled. “He is a mere pussy cat, if you will forgive the pun.”

“Don’t care what that…thing is. It has to be on a leash.”

I was tempted to inquire what precisely he would do to me if I disobeyed. But there was no time for me to make use of his handcuffs. “Very well.” I extended my hand to him and he stared blankly at me. “So you require me to do a task without providing the tools to accomplish it. Guards never change. Give me a moment.”

Turning away from him, I spotted a line of rope left dangling off the bridge overlooking the lake. A bit of luck, for once. Unknotting it, I tugged a good six feet free, then sliced off the anchor on the other end. Let it enjoy the depths of its watery grave in peace.

With a great show for the guardsman, I wound the rope around Cal’s neck. His hackles stood at attention, but he didn’t spin around and bite me. It wouldn’t have stopped my actions, but it might have given the policeman pause. “There,” I declared, standing with the bit of rope in my hand. It was fraying along the fibrous edges, barely more than an inconvenience to someone of Cal’s girth, but it gave the illusion of safety and that was enough.

“Thank you. That monster had better be registered,” he commented quickly while slipping back into his car. Strange how no one wanted to draw near the four-hundred-pound enraged wolf.

I drew my hand across Cal’s head and called out, “I shall have him properly neutered as well.”

The head slipped away fast from below my palm and teeth pressed against my wrist. The cop froze in pulling out, staring at where the wolf was trying to scissor through my bones. “Just a fun game we play together. He’s really gentle when you rub his belly right.”

Cal opened his mouth and spat me free.

I whispered to him while waving the cop away, “Do not act as if you don’t melt like a marshmallow when Layla toys with your stomach and lower parts.”

Tugging on the lead knotted to his throat, I directed Cal to resume the trail. He had no choice but to trot alongside me, the rope too short for him to take much slack. “Don’t worry, I promise…I am greatly enjoying this.”

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