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Love for Badge!

The reviews are rolling in for Badge and people love it.

Sonyajonesmba ★★★★★

Each book in the Coven of Desire Series just keeps getting better and better. Just when things couldn’t get any worse Layla upsets Cal to the point that he walked away needing space, she neglected her Incubus to the point that he is ready to be released from their bond and she’s still unable to find a spell to bring her ghost lover back to life. If that isn’t bad enough; Layla has finally been captured by Witch Hunters who want her to work with them or suffer at the hands of death.

When it rains it pours. Being stripped of her magic and now at the mercy of Detective Stone and his fellow Agents; Layla is left with limited options for survival. Feeling heartbroken and defeated Layla is ready to just give up until she learns that her “Boys” haven’t given up on her and are fighting tooth and nail to rescue her. Ink, Cal and Daniel put aside their differences and come together to save their “Bond, Love, Heart” no matter the case. If you are a fan of “Ink” like I am this story is for you. Along with his usual humor and sarcastic banter; the reader has a chance to read and feel Ink’s pain, defeat, loss, confusion, love and determination. Demons are incapable of lying as they are incapable of love but Ink has proven otherwise. This demon became mortal and risked his life to save Layla. He didn’t care if he lived or died as long as he was able to bring her to safety. If that isn’t “Love” then I don’t know what is. Although he never uttered the words to Layla he definitely felt it.

Seriously; if you have not begun reading the Coven of Desire series by Ellen Mint you are missing out. Layla’s inner monologue alone will have you in tears. Cal’s obsessive brooding, affection, possessiveness and protectiveness is swoon worthy. Ink is just EVERYTHING. He is Layla’s every fantasy and desire wrapped up in a humorous, sarcastic, sexy, protective and possessive package and lastly Daniel the ghost is a sweetheart with a heart of gold even if he doesn’t have a body. Layla is the luckiest, unluckiest girl in the world to have a Werewolf, Incubus and a Ghost as boyfriends.

I can’t wait to see what else is in story for Layla and her boys.

This is my honest review and overall I give this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ as I am a fan of the Coven of Desire series by Ellen Mint

Cjrupprecht ★★★★★

So far Layla and her guys have been through one train wreck to another with little time in between to really focus on their relationship and the changes in it. Things are pretty rocky at the start of this book, especially with Cal and Ink in regards to their relationship with Layla. Cal is keeping secrets that he doesn’t want to talk about and practically tantrums himself off, ignoring Layla for the most part. Ink on the other hand, is feeling neglected and an unnecessary part of Layla’s group because all he can offer is the physical desires she needs met. Daniel, although experiencing trauma due to his body being found, is probably the most stable of the group at the moment but is in the predicament that he still can’t really do anything in his ghostly state.

I think the best part of this book is that we finally got multiple POVs! I’ve been waiting for these for 3 books and I’m so happy Ellen Mint introduced them into this book. Honestly, it was pretty perfect timing considering everything going on between the group and with them being separated. I absolutely loved seeing the torment Cal and Ink went through being separated from Layla, like it all just suddenly clicked for them. Even though they were having a lot of communication issues, secrets, and mixed feelings, they knew Layla was it for them. This was a big epiphany for all characters, and especially for Ink. For an incubus who couldn’t love, it sure seemed he caught some feelings somewhere down the line. I think this was a learning experience for everyone. To appreciate both the big and little moments between one another because you never know what could happen tomorrow.

It was a relief to see the guys work together towards a main goal and keep each other safe simply for the fact of Layla’s happiness. However, the main star for me out of the group was definitely Ink. He hasn’t necessarily been my favorite character throughout this series but I think I may be coming around. He showed some major character growth in this book. Dare I say he was selfless? The steps he took to come to Layla’s rescue, even if a smidge for his own benefit of remaining alive, were admirable. We’ve never seen this side of Ink before and I’m hoping to see more of it in the upcoming book. This event changed something in him and maybe, just maybe, we will actually see more caring and generous actions from him towards Layla and less petty fighting with the others.

This book opened some new doors for Layla and her guys, revealed new information about Layla’s ancestry and possible powers, and introduced us to someone new all while throwing our characters into emotional turmoil. I thought for sure Mr. White would be the next main issue coming up but I was pleasantly surprised with this whole kidnapping/recruiting scenario. It was unexpected but I think it set things up nicely for the next book. I think Layla and her guys will be needing all the help they can get and I don’t see Stone giving up anytime soon.

Have you checked out Badge yet? It’s live across the web!

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